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Meet The Staff

We have a fantastic team here at Hull Farm, led by Roche our Head Lad.

Alan Roche – Head Lad

Roche joined us in 2008 as Head Lad, having previously worked for Jonjo O’Neill in the same role for 14 years. He is an excellent horseman and his knowledge of the horses is superb. He is in charge of the horses care and maintenance in the yard as well as making sure all the staff know what they are doing.

Jonathan Burke - Stable Jockey

Son of Irish trainer Liam Burke, Johnny is joining us this season as Stable Jockey. He has previously held one of the top Irish jobs as first jockey for Ann and Alan Potts but his career has suffered with blights of injury. Hopefully a fresh start over here will prove fruitful and we look forward to the coming season with a top young jockey.

Emma Batten – Secretary

Emma has now been with us since 2009, having previously worked as a racing secretary for Jonjo O’Neill. She set up the office when we moved to Hull Farm and keeps things running smoothly, she also does the accounts and rides out.

Georgina Scott – Assistant

Joining us in October 2016 after 2 years working for Flat trainer, Andrew Balding at the famous Park House Stables, Georgina has grown up around horses being the eldest daughter of fellow trainer Jeremy Scott. She combines her main job in the office with the role of Assistant on the racecourse.

Anneli Lewis – Travelling Head Girl

Neli joined us last season having worked as head girl at Rebecca Curtis’, she has willingly stepped up to her new role with aplomb. Occasionally drafted in as schooling jockey on the lead horses, she is a terrific asset in the yard. Her favourite horse in the yard is Forth Bridge.

Jess Benfield – Travelling Head Girl

Jess has been with us since she was 16 and is an extremely good rider especially on young horses. She is stepping up this season to help with the travelling. Her favourites in the yard are Snow Leopardess and Pendra.

Will Biggart – Travelling Head Lad

Will has ridden out for us since January 2016 and joined us full time in November 2016, he has previously worked for Sam Griffiths Eventing, competing himself up to two star on his own horse. He is stepping up this season to help with the lorry driving.

Paul O’Brien – Conditional Jockey

Paul has joined us this season having previously worked for Colin Tizzard and Rebecca Curtis. A good rider who has probably not had the chances he deserves. He has ridden 26 winners so far in his career and has gained plenty experience which, with some luck should help propel his race riding career forward.

Charlie Davies – Conditional Jockey

Previously with Jonjo O’Neill, Charlie is joining us this season and will be getting his conditional license out. He has gained plenty of experience in hunter chases and point to pointing, winning three point to points this season.

Zeniy Glyebov

Zeniy is a crucial member of the staff, able to turn his hand to repair most things, as well has helping with the mucking out, bedding up and any general maintenance around the yard.

Alice Aucott

Alice is entering her third season with us, capable of riding all of the horses, her main responsibility is the feeding.

Fern Dalziel

This will be Fern’s second full season with us, she is a good rider, particularly of the slightly difficult ones.

Richard Walters

Richard joins us this season having previously worked for Tim Vaughan and John Gallagher, he is one of our water treadmill operators.

Kathy Foster

Kathy will be starting her second season with us, having been at racing school. She is a very capable rider

Alan Alderman

Alan was previously head lad at Gary Moore's, he is now one of our water treadmill operators.

Vadym Masik

Vadym is in his third season with us, he is a good yardman and in charge of making sure all the bedding up is done in the yard and the hay.

Vladislav Masik

Vlad is Vadym’s son and apprentice, he started with us at the beginning of last season and has proved himself a steady learner, mucking out and bedding up in the yard. He helps putting horses on and off the walker and steaming the hay.

The main team is supported by work riders Sam, Gill and Wilf as well as weekend staff Becky, Jasmin, Sophie and Georgia

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