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Monday 20 April 2020

  • Leith Hill Legasi and her foal
    Leith Hill Legasi and her foal
  • a cheeky chap
    a cheeky chap
  • The Sixties Icon youngster
    The Sixties Icon youngster
  • Forth Bridge
    Forth Bridge
  • Scene Not Herd
    Scene Not Herd
  • Do Wanna Know
    Do Wanna Know
  • Freethinker
  • Glencassley
  • Almazhar Garde
    Almazhar Garde

20 April 2020

It's been three weeks since my last blog, but there is very little to report.... We have five being ridden - two Summer jumpers to get fit, 2 to run on the flat and a breaker. All the main group of Summer jumpers will come back into the yard in a few weeks with an aim to run in early July. At least us jump trainers have a potential date to work towards and I will aim to have over a dozen ready to run in early July if racing has resumed by then. It must be a lot harder for the flat trainers who have no date to work towards. They are desperate to get their season going and are stuck in limbo as to when racing starts again.


But this pales into insignificance compared to what is going on throughout the country.... Covid 19 has hit the country hard and only when cases and deaths start falling signicantly can we get going again. It has to be a no win situation - whatever they try and do to help the country will always be criticised and at some stage our economy will have to be saved and kick started again - it will be a fine line and one that the government will get criticised for opening things up to soon and criticised if we remain on lockdown for too long.


Some good news - one of our old stalwarts Leith Hill Legasi has had a very good looking colt foal by Kayf Tara. She was a firm favourite here and it will be great too see her offspring over the coming years.... Here are a few photos of horses in the field or the couple that are still in work.....

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