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Monday 11 May 2020

  • A family ride
    A family ride
  • Jamacho
  • Local Affair and Fanfaronade
    Local Affair and Fanfaronade
  • Glencassley

11 May 2020

I am sure we were all hoping for a bit more clarity last night with Boris' speech... It must be an imossible situation to be in, but hopefully clarity will come in the next couple of days with some proper outlining of plans going forward.


It does feel like sport in general is stuck in 'No man's land' with no definites dates going forward. I know racing have been working extremely hard to make plans, but until a green light is given no actual dates can be worked out. I know Newmarket want to hold the Guineas at the end of May, but I cannot see racing being back on by then and I can see it going well into June before the Guineas can be run - and then that would possibly have a knock effect for Ascot.... It is not easy and one thing is for sure and that is that the Government, in many ways quite rightly, are in no hurry to get going again.


The majority of our staff are still furloughed and will probably remain so until the end of the month. We only have a few going at present and it is doing me the world of good mucking out and riding again!! The Summer jumpers are tentatively coming in this week with the planned July restart date in mind.....

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