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Hammersly Lake heads to America

  • Hammersly Lake and Alice all ready to load
    Hammersly Lake and Alice all ready to load
  • Far Hills 2016
    Far Hills 2016
  • Far Hills 2016
    Far Hills 2016
  • All the gear ready to go....
    All the gear ready to go....

10 October 2017

Hammersley Lake departs Hull Farm today for America to run in the American Grand National.

After the sad end to Sharp Rise's American adventure, we were determined to return...Hammersly Lake was bought with a second American trip in mind. He has been running extremely well all summer in some of the top handicap chases before winning at Perth in September. I had been tempted to keep him over here to run in all the big winter races as there are plenty of more races in him to come, but he has earnt his right to have a go at the American Grand National at Far Hills. He is going over to Leslie Young's where he will be kept until he runs on Saturday 21st October. Brian Hughes is flying out to ride him as he did with Sharp Rise

Sharp Rise finished third last year after hitting one of the fences in a crucial part of the race, Hammersly will hopefully run well with most of the best American competion ruled out for the season. We are all excited to be going back as the atmosspere was unlike anywhere else, it is similar to a combination of an English Point To Point and Royal Ascot with massive picnics and crowds and everyone enjoying their day out. 

We look forward to keeping you all updated on his progress in America...



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