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31st March - Covid

  • Stan sat on for the first time today
    Stan sat on for the first time today

31 March 2020

I am sorry that it has now been ten days since my last blog... In racing terms very little has gone on with racing off for at least another month. The majority of the horses are now waiting to go out  in the field, are slowly being roughed off or have gone home already. The problem for them now is that it is still very cold and it is too cold for them to go out in the field on a full time basis - the grass is still not growing yet. As soon as the weather warms up a bit they will be out....


It leaves about fifteen horses still being ridden. They are generally Summer jumpers who could run on the flat and youngsters who still need a nother couple of week work before they can go out.


But all this pales into insignificance when you look at what is going on in thje rest of the world. Yes, it has been extremely tough on us being a small business and it is all very depressing. However, when you look at the official statistics of people with this dreaded virus and who have died you jaw just drops. When you see that numbers are almost doubling every few days, you sort of get the sense of the seriousness of everything - hence why Self-isolation and the lockdown is so important.....


I hate talking about bad news and we can only look forward to when it is all over.... Here is a photo of the new youngster sent to us by Rachel Jenner and Julie Green being sat on for the first time today....

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