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We have 83 boxes on site, 56 in our main barn, a further 15 in a converted barn and 12 new stables in the top barn.

All our stables are built by reputable stable suppliers, Monarch. To help keep horses happy and relaxed, we have a variety of different boxes to suit individuals. Some have solid wall so they cannot see their neighbour, others open out so the horses can look out over the fields and watch the world go by whilst others have grills within the walls to allow them to see their neighbours which is particularly effective in encouraging fussy eaters to eat their food. If they are happy and relaxed whilst at rest, it helps us eke out their best performances on the racecourse and prolongs their career. In the main barn we also have 2 wash bays, feed room and tack room and a racing tack room. All our barns are extremely light and provide good ventilation all year round.

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