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1st May....

  • Fanfaronade at work
    Fanfaronade at work
  • Our new racing club horse Thinque Tank
    Our new racing club horse Thinque Tank
  • The Sixties Icon youngster turning into a fine looking horse
    The Sixties Icon youngster turning into a fine looking horse
  • And him having a little jump
    And him having a little jump

1 May 2020

It is still all quiet here at Hull Farm. All the horses bar just a few are still out in the field and had been enjoying the sunshine until earlier in the week After a couple of wet days, it looks to be drying up for the weekend.


Racing is still in limbo as to when it might start up again. There will clearly be no chance of this until we find out next week whether the country will remain in lockdown or restrictions will start getting lifted. I know racecourses are trying to get organised for a resumption and will have to be able to manage with very strict new rules - the most important thing for racing to be able to resume is that when we do start up again, we do not put the country at a greater risk of a second wave of the dreaded virus, we do not put undue pressure on the NHS and we do not put added pressure on the emergency services. I see racing is about to get going again in Germany and then in 10 days in France. It would not surprise me if we see how those countries cope initially before we get our green light. As soon as a green light is given I think we will be racing within a week to ten days....


As long as racing has started up again, it should not change our plans for organising for the beginning of July. The Summer horses have been out for nearly three weeks now and they will come back into work at the end of next week in order to have them ready for July.


All else in the yard is going smoothly. Thinque Tank is enjoying being back in work and he will be a great fun horse for the Racing Club. He will be ready to run by July. The Sixties Icon 3yo has come on a huge amount in the past few weeks. If you look at the past few blogs you can see his progression in the photos and he looks a different horse now....





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