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5th May 2022

  • Train Hill
    Train Hill
  • Jamacho
  • Oscar Montel
    Oscar Montel
  • Tea For Free
    Tea For Free

5 May 2022

A small bit of rain has appeared over the last couple of days, but really not enough to get into the ground. It was a mere sprinkle! Hopefully it will help the grass sprout up a little though. It is so dry around the farm, and as much as the rain is miserable, it is needed.

Paul was in yesterday to ride out three lots. He had a sit on Oscar Montel, who he rides at Worcester today. Tea For Free runs at Huntingdon in a Novice Chase with Lilly on board. Zestful Hope has just been declared for Warwick on Saturday evening, and the plan is to declare Hoot At Midnight tomorrow at Plumpton for Sunday.

It is warming up here, and the holiday horses all had their rugs removed yesterday. It gives them chance to get the sun on their backs and allow their summer coat to grow through properly. It looks as though we have a mini heatwave next week, with temperatures reaching 22 degrees at times!  

There is never as much to write this time as year, as we are a lot quieter with only around 15 horses compared to the usually 55/60 horses in!

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