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16th October 2020

16 October 2020

As if it is the weekend again - the weeks are just flying by as we are getting busier.

Today we have Illegal Model at Uttoxerter, tomorrow we have Dariya at Stratford and on Sunday we have Nightline at Kempton. Fingers crossed they all run well. 

Wednesday Almazhar Garde ran at Wetherby, he ran respectfully in a hot race with nice horses. It is hard to forget he is only 5! He is slow, and will need further in time. 

Today we took Ballydine to Lambourn to do a piece a work, he is a big horse and takes a while to get fit so the blow will have done him good. 

We have entries for Thinque Tank, Kapsize and Eclair on Line on Monday. Thinque Tank is our exciting racing club horse and for only £74 a month you could be involved - please get in touch! 

Later on in the week we have Hoot At Midnight, Overworkdunderpaid, Castle Robin, Guetapan Collonges, Local Affair, Carlow Farmer, Bold Pimpernel and Peters Portrait all entered. 

Have a good weekend everyone.

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