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Monday 19th July 2021

  • Champagne Noir
    Champagne Noir
  • Little Bruce
    Little Bruce
  • Maxi Jazz
    Maxi Jazz
  • Oscar Montel
    Oscar Montel
  • Train Hill
    Train Hill

19 July 2021

It is another hot one! It was a scorching day out at Stratford yesterday, despite Charlie Longsdon Racing having no runners, we still went to host the Stratford Racing syndicate box. The horses were only turned out for an hour this morning before heading back to their boxes for the day, they do not like being out in this heat, especially with the flies. They are much happier back in their cooler stables.

Kielan Woods was in this morning and schooled Little Bruce, Train Hill, Beyond The Clouds and George Bancroft. It was a busy Monday morning schooling session. Dylan schooled Maxi Jazz and Oscar Montel, and Tom was on Champagne Noir, The Vollan, and then Midnight Jewel gave George Bancroft a lead over the fences in the school. They all jumped well, and the surface is still holding up.

Not only was it a busy schooling morning, but we also brought in a load more horses from their holidays. The Mighty Arc, the Walk In The Park gelding, Byzantium Lad, Illegal Model, Just Your Type, Carlow Farmer, Glen Forsa and Do Wanna Know. Moon King also arrived back at the yard last week. We are ready to get cracking with them, and they have started their boot camp by trotting around the ring.

Since we last spoke, Present Storm ran at Worcester. We were pleased with her improved performance to come 2nd by a ½ length. She stayed on well, and past a few in the home straight, just could not quite get to the horse in front. Exciting times ahead.

Train Hill, Oscar Montel, Beyond The Clouds and Little Bruce all hold various entries for the week ahead, either at Worcester or Uttoxeter.

Now I know I have probably mentioned previously, but Amber & Will are taking part in The Great Racing Welfare cycle. This is no mean feat. They have to cycle 500 miles in 5 days from Carlisle racecourse to Newton Abott, and it is less than a month away. I know the training has ramped up, but Amber still has never cycled further than 56 miles! The reason they are taking part is for the fantastic Racing Welfare charity, who are the back bone to any member of staff within the racing industry. They help anyone with any problem, no matter how big or small and it is fantastic that racing has a charity like this. Any donations to either Will or Amber will be greatly appreciated, and I am sure it will keep them pedalling a bit further. (Annoyling, admin error, Will and Amber have two different JustGiving pages, the links are below):



Enjoy the sunshine, it will not be around forever knowing England!

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